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Leadership Team: James Mauler

Meet James Mauler

Founder & CEO

James “Jim” Mauler, a pioneering luminary in the CAD industry since 1985, embodies transformative leadership as the Founder and CEO of Cadnetics. Renowned for his business acumen and exhaustive command over his field, he’s been instrumental in shaping Cadnetics into a recognized industry leader.

Jim’s commitment to innovation is unparalleled, driving continuous research and development to keep Cadnetics at the technology forefront. His drive for excellence is reflected in Cadnetics’ success and the professional growth of its staff and clients, as he advocates for ongoing training and learning opportunities.

A visionary and CM-BIM certified professional, Jim champions the company’s vision, upholding industry standards, and propelling Cadnetics to the top of its field. A testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, he ceaselessly identifies and capitalizes on new business opportunities.

Outside work, he relishes golfing, pickleball, traveling, and cherishing moments with his wife and family. Truly, Jim Mauler is a thought leader whose relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation sets him apart in the CAD technology landscape.

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