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April 29, 2019

Let’s Talk 3D Scanner

Faro 3D X 330: A Laser Scanner With Over 1000 Feet of Scanning Capabilities

AEC Firms looking to learn more about laser scanning? Learn more about one of the Faro Laser Scanners Cadnetics uses and how we use these tools to help other firms alike!

If you are tired of project delays, inaccurate measurements or models – if you have ever gone over your budget or are looking to eliminate your ‘manual processes’ then let us tell you about laser scanning with the Faro X330. Keep reading to find out how we use this tool to help you gain accurate representations and give you the ability to plan outside your project rather than working in it!

  • Learn about important specifications the Faro X 330 provides for BIM users
  • Additional Hardware & software while working with X 330
  • How to operate the Faro X 330
  • Learn how Cadnetics uses this scanner for measuring and modeling


The X 330 is apart of Faro’s Focus series, which equips all scanners with a responsive touchscreen, built-in 8 mega-pixel HDR camera, increased accuracy, on-site compensation, compact size, and lightweight design.

The scanner can be used and operated with ease, only requiring one person to set it up. Setting up the laser scanner on a tripod is easy with Faro’s panorama quick release feature. There is a protection cover for users to quickly protect their scanner in case of changes in weather with the case being easy to remove. With the one button operation, the scanner does most of the work for you.

Other helpful benefits using the Faro X 330:

  • Cut down on human error by taking advantage of accurate scanners
  • Collect an abundant amount of building data
  • Simplify your work processes
  • HDR Camera with Photo Overlay
  • Up to 170 Megapixel Color
  • Co-Axial Design
  • Outdoor/Indoor Scanning
  • Long Range Scanning Capability
  • Integrated GPS Receiver
  • Measurement Speed 122,000 / 244,000 / 488,000 / 976,000
  • Ranging Error +/- 2mm
  • Class 1 Laser with 1550 nm Wavelength
  • 32 GB SD Card
  • WLAN Access, Remote Control
  • Height sensor and Compass
  • 4.5 Hour Battery Life

Although this model originally came out in 2013, a big improvement this scanner has over previous models is the capability of scanning in direct sunlight. The reason this was a big improvement is because the noise (faded imaging) in the scans were caused by bright light. This scanner is labeled the ‘X 330’, meaning the laser scanner can scan up to 330 meters from your structure or building, making this its capability of scanning large environments with high accuracy possible.

Because of the lightweight design, it is easy to move the Faro X 330 around to capture large environments. All of your scans are stored on the SD card that comes with the 3D laser scanner. This makes it easy to transport your data to your computer and upload the scans into the Faro software, Scene.

Scene software can take all of your scans and stitch them together to display the full 3D model representation. There are many other features to using the Scene software, one of the main perks being access to the Scene WebShare Cloud, which is an easy way to share your completed project with clients and partners on the project. This is valuable because it promotes increased collaboration and communication between multiple stakeholders.

As you can see from above, there is no shortage of features with the Faro X 330. It is a powerful laser scanner that has proved itself over the years. We like to use this scanner for our bigger projects because of how capable it is, but we do use the X 330 for indoor scanning projects from time to time as well.

How to Operate the Faro X330:

The X 330 is from Faro’s Focus series line, which means they all operate relatively the same. First, you must setup your ideal parameters before the scan. This can be a selected profile you have already created or a customized ‘on the spot’ set of parameter selections. The most impactful parameter is selecting your resolution and quality requirements. Depending on how high or low you set the Faro’s scanning resolution and quality directly affects how long your scan will take. There is an estimator on the screen to give you an idea of how long the scan will take to complete based on your selected standards. Another key setting is selecting whether you want color in your scan or not. It is always good to double-check your settings before moving on.

After you have selected your parameters, it is now time to start your scanning project. This is done easily on the home screen by pushing on the ‘start scan’ button. This will take you to a new screen that gives a progress bar that shows your scanning process completion percentage. Once the scan is complete, you can quickly view the image on the touchscreen to see if the quality is right for you. Once you are done with the project, simply turn off the scanner using the button located just above the touchscreen. And that’s it!

The Faro X 330 is actually super simple to operate and use to gather scanning data. But, what do you do with all that data? That is where the experts come in to measure, draft, model, and visualize the project requirements. The scanners provide an easy way to get the abundant information, while the BIM experts provide the knowledge necessary to use that data efficiently. There are a number of ways Cadnetics has used this information, from remodeling as-built structures to creating accurate documentation for any project, 3D laser scanning is the cream of the crop for our clients.

How does Cadnetics use the Faro X 330?

We use the Faro X 330 because it provides flexibility to offer our clients a powerful laser scanner for larger, more distant scans and pushes us closer to our goal: to spread useful knowledge in laser scanning technology.

We have four main uses for a 3D laser scanner like the Faro X330: to measure, draft, model, and visualize for our clients. Measuring can all be done within software without the need to revisit a project site. This saves an incredible amount of time and improves accurate measures by tenfold. From here, we can create newly designed floor plans, accurate project documentation, BOMA measurement and square foot calculations, full as-builts, photo mapping, asset documentation and more. We also have the power to draft much quicker with more detail, with some of our clients looking for CAD models, elevations, mechanical CAD drafting, HVAC and plumbing plans, and fabrication drawings to name a few.

And yet, we don’t just stop there. We use our team of Certified Revit and AutoCAD Specialists for the more difficult work too. Using the Faro X 330 laser scanner has led us to creating Architectural, Structural, and Mechanical BIM modeling for our partners. We want to show you how incorporating laser scanning and BIM modeling into your workflow will improve your project budget estimates, keep you scheduled on time to complete your work, and give you freedom to go out and gain prospective clients! To “Wow” your clients in your meetings, we can give you our final 4th piece of what we do at Cadnetics: Visualization!

With powerful scanners, Cadnetics has created beautiful photo-realistic renderings with added animation to show your clients their future project completed and imagined right in front of their eyes. With 3D renderings, fly-throughs, solar studies, and more, there will be little reason for clients to leave the room. This is all possible with the help of Faro scanners such as the X330 and other 3D laser scanning tools alike.

Contact us today to discover what services fit your needs. We will answer any questions you have, show you the possibilities of what 3D laser scanning can do for you, and give you the power to take action. And always remember, the only risk you are taking by asking questions is not discovering your answers!

From measurements, to modeling and design, Cadnetics is here to help you out. We are your extended office, meaning we listen to your problems whenever they arise, and we deliver the product to your standards the best we can. Take advantage of our certified team and let us show you how we can take your business to the next level. Call us today and ask us what we can do for you!

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